How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

Nature is the best three dimensional artist. It creates masterpieces that we want to capture and keep for long. The beauty and aroma of fresh flowers is unparalleled. The sight of fresh flowers in vases is one we all cherish and fantasize about when we think of decorating the perfect room in our mind. Flowers add life, beauty and freshness to the dullest of places. Whether they are a gift from a loved one or plucked from your own garden, you want to preserve them as long as possible. However, without the natural setup, they wilt out soon, leaving us with dry, dead petals. What we can do is to extend their fragile existence around us. There are a few tips that are used by flower lovers to prolong their life after being cut. You can do the same to experience the maximum time with such beauty from nature. The key to prolonging your flower’s lives is to keep them away from bacteria.


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    Prepare flowers and vase:

    To prolong the life of your flowers, it is important that you prepare both the flowers and the vase well. Remove all leaves and foliage from the flowers that will be under the water level. The leaves rot inside and so does your flower. Cut the flower at angle using a sharp scissor. The angle encourages water intake. Clean the vase well with a disinfectant or simple hot water.

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    Use aspirin:

    Aspirin is a known flower preservative apart from its medicinal properties.  Before you fill your vase with water, place a crushed aspirin tablet at the bottom and the pour in the water.

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    Use a flower preservative:

    There are many commercially available flower preservatives. However, you can also make one for yourself using simple ingredients from the kitchen.

    One popular flower preservative is bleach. Add ¼ tablespoon of household bleach to every one quart of water in your vase. The bleach works as a great anti-bacterial option. Adding sugar with bleach does wonders and adds days to the calendar.

    Another preservative may appear very odd. Seems like our flowers share the passion for soda. Pouring the last drops of your carbonated drink into the vase is going to extend the life of your flowers. Using a clear soda like sprite will help you keep the presentation if your vase is a transparent one.

    Our knight in shining armour vinegar is another helpful solution from the kitchen cabinet. 2 tablespoons of vinegar and two of sugar is going to do a marvellous job.

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