How to Keep Garlic Fresh

Keeping garlic fresh can, at times, be a hectic task that most people are unaware of being possible. Although it is a very simple process, doing it requires the know-how of some special techniques to keep your garlic fresh so that all the good nutrients remain inside.

The biggest mistake people usually make when trying to keep garlic fresh is by storing it in the fridge. This will eventually dry out the garlic and rid it of all its beneficial nutrients that are essential for good health, a sound body and mind.

Things Required:

– Garlic Keeper
– Brown Paper Bag


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    Buy Fresh Garlic

    The first step of preserving garlic is that you buy fresh cloves of garlic from the local grocery store. This is important because the fresher the garlic is, the longer it will last after you apply the procedure of keeping it fresh. The older it is, the less time it will last through the storage method and the quicker it must be consumed before going bad.

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    Garlic Keeper

    Garlic keepers are simple, yet unique and very useful inventions that are available from most grocery stores. They are great for keeping garlic fresh over a lengthy period of time, but if you do not want to purchase one for whatever reason, using a brown paper bag is recommended.

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    Cool and Dry Place

    A place in your kitchen where it is cool and dry is where the garlic should be stored. This will keep the bulbs for as long as possible from becoming bitter and eventually losing their taste. Air circulation is also important so that bacteria does not begin to infect the garlic and cause issues related to its consumption.

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    Storing Garlic

    It is now time to store the garlic either in the garlic keeper you have purchased or in the brown paper bag. It is essential that it be sealed tightly so that no excess moisture and light is able to penetrate the storage space where the garlic is being held.

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    Putting Away

    The good thing about the garlic keeper is that you can place it basically anywhere in the kitchen because it is meant to keep the garlic as fresh as possible without external factors such as sunlight and moisture getting into it. If you are using a brown paper bag, place it in the spot you have chosen in your kitchen which is not too humid or hot.

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