How to Keep Your Workspace Germ Free

Germs are everywhere and that is not good news. They are the reason behind the cough or cold that we have and the umpteenth other health related issues. Mostly these germs enter through contact with things that already have these germs on them.

A lot of us get in contact with these germs at the office. The reason is simple; research shows that we may touch up to 30 different objects in a single minute. So if even a single of these objects have germs on it, we are at risk. Washing our hands regularly is a way of keeping away the germs but there are more concrete steps that can be taken to reduce the presence of germs from your workplace altogether.

We can take a few simple measures to make the environment around us with fewer germs and more health friendly. We just need to follow a simple routine to ensure that we do just that.


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    Use Wipes

    There are various kinds of wipes easily available in the market that allow us to disinfect surfaces. You can wipe down all the places that you will be frequently are in contact with physically. This will make those surfaces less hazardous to be in contact with. You are most likely going to have maximum contact with your desk, computer and cell phone. You can wipe most of these without damaging them. Make sure that you wipe the door knobs as well so that germs stay away from them as well when you go to the washroom for washing hands. Also it is not a bad idea to wipe the elevator keys every now and again as they have been found to be with a lot of germs.

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    Clean Hands with Hand Sanitisers

    Instead of washing your hands, you can also use hand sanitisers to kill the germs as well. Often these sanitisers are alcohol based and along with killing the germs, they leave a fresh feeling to the skin. The fragrance also makes you feel good. It is also suggested by some that you scrub your hands as it removes the organisms on the skin altogether.

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    Use Disposable Products

    Researches have shown that the utensils in the kitchen of offices carry a fair amount of germs. This issue can be avoided by use of disposable products such as cup and plates. This will certainly minimise the presence of germs in your immediate office space and keep them away from your food which is unlikely to happen when you use office crockery. You can also bring your own utensils if you do not feel like using disposables and wash them before and after use.

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