How to Launch a Photography Career on MySpace

MySpace is one of those websites which give people the chance to explore what they really want to do and make enough social connections to actually start generating some income from what they love doing best. A lot of musicians and artists have taken their start from MySpace and while it may not be the biggest social media networking website any more, it definitely has a lot of positive aspects over its competitors.

Photography is a skill which a few in this world are gifted with and it takes years of experience to get a steady hand and spotting eye to become a well known photographer, but with the right technique, you can use MySpace to launch a photography career.


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    Create a Collection

    If you are serious about launching a career in photography, than it is a good idea to assemble your collection and choose those pictures which you want to show off to the world. It may be hard to choose from in the beginning, but gather a few and leave the rest for later to keep your collection smooth and flowing while remembering that the first impression really is the last impression.

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    MySpace Profile

    You may already have a MySpace profile, but since you want to use this social media website for commercial purposes, it is important that you create a fresh and exclusive profile to deal with your photography career. Fill out the necessary information for your MySpace profile and keep all details as they are so that contacting you is not a hassle for potential customers and others interested in the way you work.

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    Upload those Photos

    MySpace will give you the opportunity to upload any amount photos, but keep them to a minimum with the best being on the top. People will see a first couple of your pictures and get an idea of how you work and what your skill level is.

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    With your profile and pictures ready-to-go, it is now time that you begin promoting and advertising yourself to the world. Join groups of people with similar interests and begin networking with those who seem suitable to do so within your eyes. You may also learn a lot of new things, while showing to the world who you are and what you do, and why you do it better than anyone else.

    Give information on your profile about how people can contact you, rate lists and samples of the work you can do and what kind of photography you are willing to take part it.

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