How to Lay a Mulch On Your Garden

Mulch is basically a protective (shielding) layer of material, either organic or in organic, applied to the surface of the garden in order to protect the plants or grass. This useful technique is usually adopted by the gardeners during fall in order to care for their garden. Mulch preserves moisture, perks up the land’s fertility, trims down weed growth and improves the overall visual appeal of your garden. However, it is really important to lay mulch on your garden properly as it’s a mixture and can make your house look ugly. Proper and uniform application can make the mulch look so attractive that everyone will definitely think that availed an expert’s assistance and spent plenty of money to achieve the beautiful and different much look.

Shredded, Chipped Bark, Straw, Grass/Lawn Clippings, Wood Chips or Shavings, Chopped and Dead Leaves, pine needles, compost, and Sawdust etc are the best options available that you can consider laying mulch on your garden.


  • 1

    Use a measuring tape to measure the area of your garden that you want to apply mulch and clean it properly, doing away with the unwanted particles, stones and weeds.

  • 2

    Now add some common-use fertilizer to your garden and spread it with a shovel

  • 3

    Bring your mulch’s bag to the specific area of the garden, turn it over gently and spill its contents out.

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    Use a shovel and a rack to spread the mulch properly, covering every single inch of the entire area. You can use your gloved hands as well. Continue spreading until it forms a balanced and unified mulch layer.

  • 5

    In case if the specific area of your garden contains plants or vegetables that you want to protect, then make sure to keep some space (about one inch) between the mulch layer and the plant.

  • 6

    The thicker your mulch layer, the better it can protect your garden. So add in some more mulch in order to form a thick much on your garden. Keeping the layer at least 2 to 3 inches thick is a good idea. Smooth out the much from all angles.

  • 7

    You have successful laid Mulch on your Garden; secure the area with a Board/Batten Fence – if you like. Enjoy!

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