How to Learn Photoshop in 24 Hours

Technology has been helpful in many ways. It is quite certain that the photographers will agree on this statement. The advent of computer programmes that help in fixing issues on the pictures as well as making changes that can drastically improve the overall quality has made their lives easier.

There are many such programmes on offer but Photoshop seems to be the favourite, as it offers maximum flexibility. It is almost impossible to learn each and every feature but you can learn many features in little time. You can do so in 24 hours if you take it as a challenge.


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    Pot of Coffee

    Have a pot of coffee handy as it will keep you going for the length of the day. You will need to be attentive and although caffeine is only a short term solution, if you need to do something in such short notice, it will be the thing to do. If you are a tea person, that will also do.

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    Make a List

    Since you cannot learn everything in 24 hours, make a list of what you think you need and is important. This list will help you in learning the most needed basic tools. Make sure that you have essentials on the list and try not to add advanced level skills that actually require days to learn and weeks to practice and perfect.

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    Find an Expert

    It may be much more difficult to read and apply in such short notice so grab a friend who knows the software and get working. You will have to bug this person until you get the required information out of him or her. You can probably learn the same thing in half the time when someone is actually showing you how to do it.

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    Watch Videos

    Doing so will help you in practicing as you learn. You can watch a tutorials online and practice along with it. This will not only be a quick way of learning but will also give you the confidence that you can do it as well. Make sure that you practice more than once so that you can do it later on as well.

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