How to Learn Piano Music Faster

When you are to play new piano notes, you should not waste your time and practice. Even if you are practicing for only 30 minutes, you need to practice every day. By practicing you will be able to learn piano faster. In case you are facing difficulty in learning the piece your teacher gave or learning a new piece on your own, you should follow some simple guides in order to learn it quickly. By follow the simple guides, you can save many hours of unfruitful practice and achieve your goal quickly.


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    Plan your piano practice

    You need to decide what time of day you want to practice and play the notes at that time. You need to be consistent and regularly practice on the allotted time. In addition to this, you need to divide time for sight-reading, memorizing, review and technique. You can even learn and memorize for almost five to eight minutes a day which will help you a lot.

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    Practice with concentration

    While practicing, you need to have your full attention towards piano and your notes. You should be distracted or think about anything else when practicing. If you are practicing without concentration, it will be waste of time. Take the piano practicing as mental work and not as a finger exercising work. You need to imagine and analyse the piece before practicing. Read and hear the music in your mind. In case you feel tired, take few minutes rest and then practice again when you are fresh. Remember that many short sessions are much better than playing for a long time in one session.

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    Divide the notes

    You should break down the note in shorter units during your practice sessions. Avoid playing from stating to end in one go. You should in pieces and spend more time on the notes which you are facing difficulty.

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    Practice precisely

    You need to practice accurately even if it means you practice slowly. Focus on the areas where you face difficulty and work on them before moving to next notes. First play the correct notes then play with hands together. After this you should increase your speed. Remember that you should never leave when you perform incorrectly as by this you will remember it wrongly. You need to correct yourself then stop practicing.

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