How to Make Fabric Rose Flowers

Felt roses look intricate and adorable as they are an intellectual piece of art work. They are super simple to put together. This activity is a unique idea to spend a cheerful time with your children. The best thing about making felt roses at home is it requires very basic and easily available items and does not take much time. You can make them in any size or color that you like. Decoration of felt roses is another fun activity where you can use buttons, beads or ribbons etc to enhance the overall look of your roses.

Things Required:

– Felt Fabric – any color that you like
– Pair of Scissors
– CD – optional
– Glue Gun


  • 1

    Take a large piece of felt fabric and fold it several times. Now use a sharp scissors to cut out a whole bunch of circles from it. You can use a CD as a base in order to cut perfect circles.

  • 2

    Start from the outer corner of the felt circle and cut a spiral all the way around until your reach the center of the circle.

  • 3

    Grab the felt fabric spiral and start rolling it from the middle so that its edges will line up smoothly and the bottom will be flat.

  • 4

    Once you roll the spirals into various felt roses, start heating up your glue gun and securing the felt roses.

  • 5

    Your felt roses are all set to go; use them the way you like.

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