How to Make Fringed Felt Flowers

Making Fringed Felt Flowers is a simple and cool activity to make an adorable collection of flower decor. These cute handmade flowers take very few minutes to make and require few easily available supplies.

Fringed Felt Flowers are used in variety of activities, like you can use them in the decoration of your wreath, dress, vase, frame, album etc. Moreover, you attach them to your hair clips or hair bands to rock various events.  You can find the felt fabric in various colors, which means you can make Fringed Felt Flowers in various colors.

Things Required:

– Piece of felt fabric
– Scissors
– Embroidery thread
– Embroidery needle
– Vintage button or a faux pearl – optional


  • 1

    Fold the Felt

    Pick up a piece of felt fabric and fold it lengthwise. Now use sharp scissors to trim off excess in order to give the felt a smooth and neat finishing touch.

  • 2

    Cut Strips

    Fold the felt fabric in half lengthwise and carefully cut it on the unfolded side in even strips. Cut narrow strips for small Fringed Felt Flowers and wide strips for large flowers. Leave some space at the folded end of the fabric as you cannot cut it to the  end.

  • 3

    Roll the Felt

    Place the felt on a smooth surface and start rolling it from one end until your reach the other end.

  • 4

    Adjust the Strips

    Peel back gently the layers of fringe in order to give it the desires shape.  Now make minor experiments to give your fringed felt flower a beautiful haircut, trimming fringe that are uneven or too long – as you like.

  • 5


    Take an embroidery needle and thread it with a fine cord. Start sewing at the point where you finished rolling strip and push the needle through all the layers of the flower. Rotate your Fringed Felt Flowers at 90 degree angle and repeat the same method until you thoroughly secure all layers of the flower. Now, tie a knot and cut the excess embroidery thread.

  • 6


    Your Fringed Felt Flowers is ready; you can add a vintage button or a faux pearl to the center of the flower for more amazing finishing touch.

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