How to Make Fabric Pom Pom Flowers

Making yarn flowers at home is one among the super simple and fun activity that both children and adults love to perform. It is best option to utilize the leftover yarns to make colorful flowers that you can use for art decoration purposes. It is a matter of few minutes where you just have to roll the yarn, tie it up and trim off with scissors. Once you make bundle of yarn flowers, place them in your vase or use them as roof hangers on various occasions.

Things Required:

– Yarn – any color of your choice
– Pair of Scissors


  • 1

    Take a yarn of your favorite color and start wrapping it around your fingers, keeping the thumb and the pinky finger out as shown in the image.

  • 2

    Continue wrapping the yarn until all of your fingers are thoroughly covered.

  • 3

    Now cut off the yarn with a scissors and pull the yarn off your fingers with great care, without mixing the layers of the yarn. Use the ends of the yarn to tie them around the gathered yarn in order to secure them properly.

  • 4

    Pick up pair of scissors and slash the loops around the entire yarn circle.

  • 5

    Once you cut around the circle, put the layers of the yarn in order to give it a perfect pom-pom shape.

  • 6

    Use scissors to gently trim off the excess edges and smooth the yarn flower.

  • 7

    Your yarn flower is ready; apply fabric glue if you want to give a sparkling finishing touch to your flower. Otherwise, it looks amazing the way it is.

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