How to Link a YouTube Channel to a Facebook Business Page

Social media has given the ability to businesses around the world to reach out a community with people from each and every area of life, making the target of reaching their desired market easier and more effective in every sense. Not having pages being managed on social media websites like Facebook and YouTube is certainly a loss in the modern age as it is safe to say that you are losing out on a huge market of potential customers and the ability to expand to levels never thought possible just a few years back.

If you have a Facebook business page or just a YouTube channel, it is important to link the two together to get maximum exposure along with making it easier to manage both with updates being broadcast on both channels of communication.


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    Sign in to YouTube

    The first step of linking your YouTube channel to Facebook is to actually logon on to the biggest video sharing website on the internet. After you have signed in, click on your username at the top-right, which can be found wherever you are on YouTube. Now, select “Channel”, after which you should open another tab or page altogether to access your Facebook account to link the two together.

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    Link the Two Together

    Back in the YouTube channel page, you should look for a blue “Edit” button which will be most likely next to “Profile”. All of these options are located on the left side of the page. After it opens, click on a checkbox next to “Website”, if one is already not there and take the URL of your Facebook business page and copy it.

    Paste the link by clicking the “website” text box by right clicking it and pasting it in there. Your Facebook business page URL should appear and after that has been done, save the changes made. Now you will have given viewers of your YouTube channel and videos the ability to directly go to your Facebook business page with a link appearing at the bottom.

    It is very important that you have a Facebook page that completely describes completely what you do as a company and is also regularly updated. A page that is not up to date does not make a good impression at all and can also be taken the wrong way by viewers as not being professional.

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