How to Link Your Photobucket Account to MySpace

MySpace and Photobucket are two different websites and both of them serve different purposes for their respective users. MySpace is a social networking website which people can use to share information, music, photos and more. On the other hand, Photobucket is a website that one can use to manage their images and images, and then use them to share on different other websites.

Therefore, if you have your photos uploaded on Photobucket and now want to share them using your MySpace account, then you must first have to link both your Photobucket and MySpace accounts.


  • 1

    Open the Photobucket’s official website; you will be needed to enter your username and password to login to your account.

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    If you have already uploaded your photos on Photobucket, then you just have to click the “My Albums” and the select “All Albums”. This will open all the albums present in your Photobucket account.

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    Now you need to decide which album you want to link and share with your friends on MySpace. Click on your selected album and you will see all the pictures saved in that particular album.

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    Click the “Album Options” button and select “Share This Album” option, which will allow you to share the album on different social media websites. As you plan to share your album on MySpace, then you need to check the box present against “MySpace” option in the dialog box that just appeared.

  • 5

    At the bottom of the page, you will see the “Share” button. Click on it, and you will see a new page appearing on your screen, asking you to connect your Photobucket account with MySpace. Click the “Continue” button and your Photobucket account will automatically be connected with your MySpace account, if you are already logged in to your MySpace account.

    Otherwise, you will be asked to enter your MySpace username and password to login and connect your MySpace account with Photobucket.

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    Now you will have to wait for some time to get your photos uploaded to your MySpace account. Once the upload process is complete, you will see the “Connect My Photobucket with MySpace” message popping up on your screen.

  • 7

    If you want to see your images on MySpace right away, then you can click on the "View Your Post" button and you will be taken to your profile at MySpace.

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