How to Live with an Introvert

People are different in many ways. They have different perceptions of the world and can express themselves  through different ways.

Introverts, extroverts, those who had experienced emotional trauma as well as those who have health problems may face difficulties in communicating with other people. However, it will be highly unethical for a person to neglect these members of society upon these grounds.

Introverts are phlegmatic. They seem calm and balanced human beings at first sight but avoid expressing their feelings and emotions. You will notice them sad for no big reason; they usually are in a depressed mood and constantly feel sorry for themselves. All these signs are melancholic, but despite such a sorry state, they never share their feelings with anyone. They try to stay at home and avoid going to functions, parties and meeting with people on daily basis.


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    Character is a set of mental traits which build up the identity of a person. It can be manifested through the external actions of a person: his/her actions, respect for other people and objects. In fact, it is impossible to determine the nature of any human being without noticing his/her behaviour. So, try to understand his/her liking and disliking according to his/her nature.

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    The ability to communicate with other people depends largely on your ability to understand people.

    You can change the style of communication and choose topics depending on the character and temperament in order to make yourself and the person whom you are living with, comfortable. So, always try to communicate with an introvert in innovative ways.

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    If possible, try to change the appearance of that person for example, hairstyle and clothes. However, it will be an uphill struggle to make necessary alterations because introvert will never let you change his/her appearance for no reason.

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    If you are living with an introvert, you need to make him/her realise that he/she is perfectly normal and try to boost their confidence level.

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    Try to increase your comfort level with the introvert person whom you are living with. For example, you can call him/her and ask if he/she wants anything to eat. Help that person whenever it seems that he/she needs help. For example, if he/she is cleaning his/her room; doing some cooking chore etc.

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    Win the trust of the introvert person by being honest and helpful.

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