How to Neutralize Manipulators

The world is filled with a number of different people. There are people who are willing to help you get through your day to day life, while there are others, who will be looking to manipulate you and get any advantage out of you.

It is very hard to figure out just who these manipulators are, simply because of the fact that they go about their actions in such a manner, that they stay under the radar.

However, it is very crucial to be able to deal with these manipulators and handle them with care. If you don’t do so, you could end up doing things you might never want to do, but failing to recognize this, simple because you were being manipulated.


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    Clear your mind

    The first step to trying to tackle manipulators, is to go on and clear your mind. You need to have clarity of thought, mind, body and soul in order for you to see the bigger picture more clearly. You need to recognize what you want to do, as opposed to what someone else wants you to be doing.

    This is very important, since if you aren’t sure over what you want to do, no one can really tell you what to do.

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    Don’t listen

    Another way to avoid being manipulated is to not listen to anyone. The only way you can possibly get manipulated is if you listen and pay attention to what people tell you. If you don’t do either of these two things, there is no way for them to possibly manipulate you and your thoughts.

    So despite people constantly telling you to pay attention, you actually need to do the opposite. Simply because they might have been manipulating you all along.

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    Counter manipulate

    The best way to go about dealing with manipulators, is to go on and counter manipulate them. This is something that will throw them completely off guard, since they aren’t used to being manipulated by anyone.

    At the same time, this is going to work in your favour as well, since you could get a lot of work done without actually having to do it.

    This is no easy task, and is going to require a lot of focus, dedication and will power. So if you can manage to stay strong and avoid being manipulated, you could potentially counter manipulate your manipulators.

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