Top 10 Wonderful Ways to Start a Day

Have you noticed that the mood you are in at the start of the day continues to be the same throughout the day?

Since the start of the day determines what the rest of the day will be like, it is very important to enure that it is a good one. There are many ways in which we can get a pleasant jump start to a day.


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    A dose of morning shows:

    Tune on the TV for a morning show with your favourite host. Morning shows are a combination of  gossip, music and news and you get to know about what is going on around, the latest trends and tastes.

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    Watch some intersting news

    Don't burden yourself with depressing national and international news; go for intersting news which adds to your knowledge. You can watch science and technoolgy shows.

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    Morning is the best time for exercise.  Go for a jog in the park. Take off the fat layers while enjoying the weather and sight around you. Take your dog or partner along and spend the morning in endless bliss.

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    Listen to music:

    Whether you listen to it while still in bed, on the walk trail or at the breakfast table, music has the tendency to make things appear awesome and wonderful.

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    What better way to start your morning than to feast on your favourite breakfast. Be it cereal, turkey strips, waffles or pancakes, fill up with the things you love. However, it is better if you choose food options that do not pile up fats and oils because they will give you a sluggish feeling afterward.


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    Meditation brings peace to the mind and soothes the body. Engage in a meditation activity that you like, including yoga. Take deep breaths and exhale slowly to lighten up your body.


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    Spend time with yourself:

    Do you have a small lawn or a balcony that overlooks a green belt?

    Place a chair there and sip your morning beverage slowly. Take in the delight and preserve the moment.


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    No matter which religion you belong to, prayer has the ability to make the world seem much better and gives you a confidence that takes you through the day. Pray at the start of the day to get a jump start in life.

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    Talk to family and friends:

    As long as you know that they are up and free, morning is the best time to talk to your favourite people and get their best wishes for the day.

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  • 10

    Take a luxury bath:

    Make yourself a soap foam. Take a long and luxurious bath. Spend time in the shower or tub and let the water trickle over you, refreshing you in every way.

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