How to Load a Foal Into the Trailer

If you are planning to travel across the country or even the city and you want to take your foal with you, then you may need to install a trailer on your vehicle. It will help you load your foal in a separate container. There are different types of trainers available in the market. However, you should always try to attach a trailer with all side covered.

To attach a trailer with your vehicle, you will have to install a hitch. While it may become really expensive for you to ask a professional to install the hitch with your vehicle, you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself. Once you have installed the hitch and connected the trailer with your vehicle, it is really easy to load your foal in it.


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    Check for different trailers and hitches available in the market. Different trailers are designed to carry different weights. Therefore, you should be very careful while purchasing the right model, considering the weight of your foal. You can check different trailers and hitches online, and make your final decision as per your needs.

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    Apply a jack at the rear section of your vehicle and apply two jack stands at both the sides of the rear section, in order to secure your working area under vehicle. The jack stands will allow you to move freely when you will be working under the vehicle.

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    Assemble the hitch, as per instructions available in the owner’s manual. Every hitch has different assembling method. Assemble it properly and take it with you under the vehicle and place it where you want to mount it. Now you can mark the points where you will need to drill the holes.

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    Drill holes at the market points. Make sure that the holes should not be larger than 1/16 inch compared to the size of the bolts which you will use to attach the hitch with the vehicle frame.

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    Use C-Clamps, in order to hold the hitch in place, and tighten the bolts, to fix the hitch with the vehicle. Now you can attach the trailer with your vehicle.

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    Now you can loosen the bolts at the back of the trailer to open its door. Carefully bring down the door panel, creating a ramp, which you will use to load your foal in the trailer.

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    Bring your foal near the trailer and make it walk through the ramp you just created. Right after your foal walks in the trailer, pull up the back panel and lock it up.

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