How to Lose Weight in the Midsection

Carrying extra weight on any part of your body can make you feel conscious and also put your health at risk. Having extra weight particularly in the midsection can put you at a serious risk of attracting a heart disease or heart-attack.

Fortunately, it is possible to lose weight in the midsection and get yourself out of danger, though it requires some serious commitment.


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    There is nothing better than cardiovascular exercise when you are looking for an effective way to burn calories and lose fat. Exercises such as running, riding a bike, aerobics, swimming, etc. all serve to speed up the rate at which your heart pumps. An increased blood flow will result in more oxygen supply to your body, which will consequently speed up the rate at which your body will burn calories and fats to release energy.

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    Decrease your daily calorie intake

    When your calorie intake exceeds the amount of the calories that you burn, your body starts to save the extra amount. The first place that shows sign of stored calories and fats is your mid-section. In order to start losing weight and getting your midsection back in shape, estimate the amount of calories you normally consume and burn each day. Cut down on your calorie intake, though be careful not to overdo it as consuming too little calories will put your health at risk.

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    Avoid food rich in saturated fats and sodium

    Saturated fats are not the best thing for your health and they also take a toll on your overall weight. It is therefore strongly advised to avoid food that is rich in saturated fats. Same is the case with sodium. The latter causes your body to retain more water than usual, thus increasing the blood pressure, which can be harmful.

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    Eat less and more often

    Instead of eating three proper meals a day, eat five-to-six small meals after regular intervals. This will result in a good metabolism rate and consequently a greater amount of calories burnt each day.

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    Drink plenty of water

    Increasing your water intake will help you lose weight in the midsection by not only upping the calorie burn rate, but will also serve to curb your appetite by making you feel full.

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    Eat food rich in fibre

    Fibre also has a similar effect to that of water, i.e. making you feel full and thus causing you to eat less. It is helps the digestive process by helping the body to process food, absorb nutrients, lower blood cholesterol level and blood sugar level, which in turn controls your appetite.

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    Perform high-intensity workout

    Lifting weights and performing abdominal exercise increases your muscle mass. Having more muscles will increase the amount of calories you burn throughout the course of the day. These high-intensity workouts will help you lose weight from your midsection.

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