How to Lower Your Grocery Bill

Life in the current world has become increasingly challenging as most people, in almost all parts of the globe, have to save each and every penny so that they can bear their medical expenses, afford their children’s education or pay the rent of their house; in short, to keep the cycle of their life running.

All of us spend a lot of money on grocery, which is necessary to run a house efficiently. However, if you are smart enough, you can save many bucks every month by lowering down your grocery bill. All it needs is an eye for discounts, some planning, forecasting and some other techniques of saving money while buying grocery.


  • 1

    Read the newspaper ads carefully

    If you are looking to save money by lowering down your grocery bill, it is highly recommended that you go through the Sunday newspapers carefully and watch out for ads, flyers, brochures or coupons that offer a sale or discount. Commercialised junk mail reaches many areas. If you also receive it, you should go through it thoroughly to see if any offer is useful.

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    Visit multiple stores

    Chances are high that only one store will not offer discounts on the grocery items you need. Therefore, you should take some time out and visit multiple stores to ensure that you get discounts on most grocery items. For example, a local bakery will surely offer cheaper bread than a big departmental store. Similarly, a drugstore is likely to charge you a lower price for toiletries.

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    Buy items in bulk

    Instead of buying items every week, you should look to buy them in bulk. This will definitely help you save money in the longer run. This strategy is more applicable on goods that can be stored for a month or two.

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    Be aware of the seasonal sales

    You should always keep your  eyes and ears open and be informed about the seasonal sales in your area. Products like fruits and vegetables should be enjoyed when there is a large supply and the prices are relatively low.

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    Make a shopping list

    Before you go for grocery shopping, you should take 15 minutes out of your routine and make a list of items that you want to purchase. If you go without any homework, you are likely to buy even those things which are not necessary.

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