How to Maintain Body Weight

There are very few people in this world who are satisfied with their weight. Some of them feel either too thin, or too fat. Therefore, most of the diet plans that you come across guide you to put on more weight safely, or losing weight.

However, if you are someone who are proud of your body and weight and want to keep it this way, then here is a step by step guide just for you.


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    Eat Smartly

    Keeping your body from gaining extra pounds depends a lot on when you eat and how much you eat. Of course, you need to eat to stay alive and active, but it does not mean that you start consuming food unnecessarily. It is strongly recommended to wait until you are hungry before sitting down to eat. Concentrate on your food instead of allowing yourself to get distracted, as it may result in you over-eating without even noticing. Waiting for the signal from your brain to know when you are full, after which stop yourself from eating more. Avoid eating anything right before going to bed. Also, do not skip breakfast at all.

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    Eat healthy

    What you eat is equally important to how much you eat for maintaining body weight. You need to skip food that is high on calories and fat. Instead, go for food with a high nutritional value. Such food will not only give you sufficient calories, but will also provide you with enough carbohydrates, proteins, fibre and vitamins to keep you healthy. Foods such as fish, eggs, lean meats, fruits, beans, vegetables and low fat dairy are recommended.

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    Drink plenty of water

    Your body uses the digested food to release the energy stored in it and transfer it to the various parts and organs of your body. However, this process requires water. In order to help your body with metabolism, increase your intake of water. Avoid beverages with high calorie count, such as coke, soda, alcohol, etc.

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    A simple weight training routine instead of high-intensity weight training is all that you need to maintain your body weight. Consult the gym instructor to learn of different weight lifting exercises for the different muscle groups of your body.

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    Since you are controlling your diet and aiming to maintain your weight instead of reducing it, you do not need long sessions of exercise. Just take out some time from your daily routine to get your heart pumping faster through a cardiovascular exercise, such as brisk walk, low-intensity jogging, or using a bike instead of a car to get something from a nearby shop.

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