How to Make a 3d World with Paper

Making a 3D world on a piece of paper is a very difficult task for anyone as unlike making a 3D world on a website, where you have all the tools at your disposal with a touch of a button, on paper, you have to use the traditional skills of artistry.

However, if you are dedicated enough and confident enough in your abilities, you can actually make a really good 3D world on a piece of paper. Furthermore, if you are able to achieve this feat, you will be able to prove your friends of your creative genius.


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    In order to make a perfect 3D world on a piece of paper, you will be needing a giant cardboard of blue colour which will be your oceans. For the north and south pole, it would be great if you have a white sheet made up of cardboard material. For continents, it is advisable that you use a drawing sheet of brown colour.

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    Now that you have all these things, it is time that you take out a world map. You would need this map in order to cut the aforementioned sheets in the shape of the five continents.

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    Make sure that while you are cutting them, don’t make pointy ends and try to give it as much of a natural look as you can.

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    Shaping all the continents will give them a very realistic look and of course, the more you refine the borders, the more it will give a 3D appearance.

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    Now that you have trimmed the drawing sheets into continents, it is time for you to start making boundaries in each continent in order to define countries. In order to give it a more realistic and cool look, add flags of each country and also mark the capitals.

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    Be creative about the South and North Pole. As you know, these coldest regions of the world are unique in every sense so it would be great if you create icebergs and penguins on the base of the Poles in order to give it a creative look.

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    Whilst working on oceans, make sure that you properly explain the water mass and give it a wavy look.

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    Once you are done with all the makeover, it is time that you put some finishing touches to your 3D world in order to make it more interesting and out of this world.

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