How to Draw a Witch

It is almost midnight and your kids are not letting you sleep. You have tried everything but it has all been in vain. In such a situation it is good to make your child get scared of something that he or she might not have seen before. It can be a face or a character that has a dreadful face and appearance that it enough to scare a child but not over-scare. We have been listening to stories related to witches such as the wicked witch in the famous story The Wizard of Oz and many other stories. If you have a sketch of a witch drawn and pasted somewhere in your house, it can be a good thing to scare your kids when they don’t sleep. At the same time you can have the kids engaged in coloring of the witch sketch when required.


  • 1

    First of all draw and oval shape for the face in such a way that one end of the shape is a bit pointed one for the chin.

  • 2

    Draw a cone on the top of the oval shape to make the hat and draw a parabolic curve so as to show the edges of the hat.

  • 3

    After drawing the hat, add an L shape to the face for the pointed nose of the witch in such a way that it seems more like an angle sign but the edge should be a bit curvy.

  • 4

    Draw two more oval shapes for the eyes close to each other in a way that pupils of the eyes seem to be looking at each other.

  • 5

    To make the eyebrows, make another L over the eye balls and draw zigzag lined out of the hat to show the hairs and a long thin weird looking neck.

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