How to Make a Bed More Comfortable

If you wish to get rid of stress and other health problems, the first thing you need is proper rest. Most of the times, people don’t get a good night’s sleep and end up having plenty of issues. As a result, they have to visit the doctor and waste lot of money on buying the prescribed medicine.

In order to avoid such a situation, you have to get proper rest. An adult should get six hours of sleep at night in order to stay healthy and stress free. Therefore, you have to make your bed as comfortable as possible, so that you don’t get disturbed at night and wake up fresh in the morning.

Things Required:

– Soft sheets
– A soft pillow top mattress cover
– Soft blankets
– A soft comforter
– Pillows with good support and the firmness you like


  • 1

    Buy a comfortable mattress

    There are a variety of mattresses available in the market, but make sure you buy the one that suits you best. Some people don’t find it easy to sleep on certain mattresses, so test the one that won’t bother you during the night.

  • 2

    Put a mattress cover on the bed

    In order to make your bed more comfortable, buy a padded pillow mattress cover, which will really give you a relaxed feel. However, check the padding material before buying the cover, as some of them cause allergies.

  • 3

    Buy nice sheets

    You will find numerous bed sheets available in the market. Choose the ones you like, but their material should be soft. If you feel that the fabric of the bed sheet is scratchy, you can use a fabric softener.

  • 4

    Choose blankets as per the weather

    If the weather is cold, you can choose a few soft and cuddly blankets. In case the temperature is hot, you should still keep at least one blanket on the bed, so that you can put it on once the air conditioner makes the room colder.

  • 5

    Get the right pillows

    Pillows are available in different sizes and shapes, but not all of them are comfortable. Look for the ones that suit you more. Moreover, choose the pillow cover carefully, as that should not cause any damage to your skin.

  • 6

    Place a comforter on the bed

    It is ideal to keep a nice silky comforter on the bed. Some people remove it before sleeping, but you can keep it on, if it is smooth and gives you a relaxing feeling.

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