How to Reupholster Chair Bottoms

You can continue using your old chairs if you replace the cloth on them. While you might need to polish the rest of the chair, the base is one part which can be changed easily and all you need is a stapler, a screwdriver and a new fabric. It is advised that you choose a thick fabric which will last longer. Keep reading in order to learn how to reupholster chair bottoms hassle free.


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    The first step is to grab a screw driver and unscrew the seat from the bottom.

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    Removing your old layer of fabric is optional, but if you choose to remove it, remember that it is a time consuming process which requires you to remove all the staples in order to replace the fabric. However, unless the old fabric is severely stained or torn, it is advised that you don't remove it.

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    Now take a measuring tape and measure the width and length of the seat. The new cloth should be larger than the sides so that it can properly cover the whole seat.

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    You now need to purchase the fabric of your liking. Quality should be your focus if you want the fabric to last long. Furthermore, it is recommended that you go for darker shades, which won't stain so easily.

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    Now spread the cloth on the floor with its inner side facing the roof. Place the seat right in the middle of it. The seat should also be placed bottom side up, so that the meat of the cloth covers its top.

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    You now have to cut excess cloth but leave enough to wrap the seat completely.  You can keep the cut pieces of cloth to be used somewhere else.

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    Fold the cloth on one end and start stapling the edges. Hold the cloth tightly and make sure there aren’t any wrinkles.  Repeat this on the remaining three sides of the seat and make sure that the cloth is never loose. Some creases are inevitable; however, they should form on the base of the seat.

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    You will also need to pleat the corners. Take a scissor and cut any unwanted cloth before hammering down the staples which are not firmly in place.

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    Now you need to screw the base back on the chair.

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