How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Everyone will agree that getting your laundry folded is a difficult task. Although when the beds are made with immaculate bed sheets that are surrounded with skirts  from the bottom, looks so much better.  But these fitted bed sheets are a real mess to deal with especially when it comes to folding them up after laundry. So many people leave them as is, as they find folding the sheets is so meddlesome. There are some people who end up with a folded sheet with full of messy creases no matter how much they struggle for it. There are some people who fold their sheets by ironing it each time they fold it, which of course is too weary of a task. This will not only give it an untidy look but also wastes your time. It also takes extra space when you arrange it in the closet shelf. So stop meddling with your fitted sheet and stop getting frustrated!


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    Take your fitted bed sheet and spread it on an even surface with the wrong side facing you. Make sure that the surface on which you spread your sheet is entirely clean to avoid any staining.

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    Next hold the sheet from the corner and fold the bed skirts inside the wrong side.

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    Once you fold the entire skirt take one edge of the bed sheet and fold it by positioning the edge in the middle. Make sure you do it lengthwise. Now fold the other edge of the bed sheet in the similar manner. Folding in this way will give you a shape of rectangle.

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    Now that you have made the lengthwise fold hold the sheet from these folds and join the short edges of the folded sheet together. Then give it two more folds or as many folds that can fit into your closet shelf. Another convenient way is to roll the sheet into folds and secure it with ribbons. This will also make your life hassle free.

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