How to Make a Mailbox Stove

Stoves are no longer luxury items. Nowadays nearly every home has a gas or electricity primed stove and the use of wood as the source of fire and heat has become completely out of fashion, at least in cities. But the scenario changes when you visit your farmhouse in the woods or a hut near the beach. There can be a situation where you do not have any gas. Off course, you can use wood, but the resources need to be ample in that case. But, what should you do when this is not the case?

The answer lies in a Mailbox Stove. These stoves do not use excessive amount of wood and can heat up the surroundings pretty quickly. A Mailbox Stove may have a complex shape, but with proper tools and materials it can be made in a matter of hours.

Things  Required:

– Power drill
– 5/16-inch heavy-duty drill bit
– 1/8-inch heavy-duty drill bit
– 2-1/2-inch wood/metal hole saw
– Jigsaw with metal-cutting blade
– Power screwdriver
– Vice to hold rods while cutting
– Putty knife
– Flat metal file
– Tape measure
– Hacksaw
– Ruler
– Hammer
– Centre punch
– Two 7/16-inch open wrenches
– Pliers
– Tin snips and Safety glasses

Materials Required:

These materials should be bought to their precise measurements to avoid unwanted expenses.

– Jumbo steel mailbox ST20 series
– Elite steel mailbox regular size
– ½ grid galvanized wire screen (about 1-2 square feet)
– Three 36-inch-long all-thread metal rods (1/4 inch – 20 tpi)
– White marking tool, such as a white grease pencil or crayon
– Black permanent marker
– Four ¼-inch bolts approximately one inch long
– ½-pound box of ¼-inch nuts
– ½-pound box of No. 8 deck screws 2-1/2 inch long
– ½-pound box of ¼-inch washer
– 1/8-inch aluminum strip 2 inches tall by 13 inches long
– .025-inch thick sheet metal 12 inches by 18 inches
– Wooden handle for temperature-control catch
– Large metal clip
– Cooking thermometer used for grills
– Furnace cement (black), Corner “L” bracket approximately 1-inch by 1-inch by ¾ inch wide
– Cabinet or drawer handle (not plastic)
– 9×9-inch metal grate to sit atop the smaller box opening when cooking


  • 1

    Cut up to the required measurements. Try using a white grease pencil to make the markings clear.

  • 2

    Use the drill machine to punch holes. You should have a rough design drawing of the stove and should also cater for the holes required for the thermometer.

  • 3

    Use the hole bit to make larger holes in the box for the air intake. Cut the individual pieces and then connect them together through riveting.

  • 4

    The area marked to make holes should not directly be done with a drill. Deepen them a little with the help of a chisel and a hammer then use a drill machine. This practice is done to avoid the drill from slipping.

  • 5

    Place three small bolts through the holed punched at the side. Secure these bolts with nuts.

  • 6

    On the mouth piece of the small mailbox, place a sheet of galvanized screen. You can use tin snips to cut the screen. Cut it in such a way that it fits perfectly on top of the mouth piece.

  • 7

    Locate the most appropriate place for air intake and punch a hole accordingly.

  • 8

    The lid of the mailbox can be made of tin sheets.

  • 9

    You will be needing steed rods. To cut them to the required size, use a hacksaw and then insert them in the holes that you have made on the sides.

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