How to Make a Black Tooth Grin Cocktail

The Black Tooth Grin cocktail is one of the easiest and simplest cocktails to make and can be made by making use of three simple ingredients. This drink was invented by a popular guitarist, Dime bag Darrel Abbot of a rock band called Pantera and was very popular amongst all of the band members. The name of the drink was inspired by the lyrics of a song from Megadeath,

“Someday you too will know my pain, and smile it’s black toothed grin”.

The drink gained huge popularity after the tragic death of its inventor when he was assassinated on stage along with 3 other people on the 8th of December 2004 by Nathan Gale, while seven other people were injured in this incident. The drink is specially consumed on the anniversary of the guitarist. It can be made very easily by using simple ingredients and following simple steps. If you want to learn how to make Black Tooth Grin cocktail, then read the following steps.

Utensils you will need for Black Tooth Grin Cocktail: A cocktail glass, stirrer
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Serving size of this recipe: One serving

Ingredients required for Black Tooth Grin Cocktail recipe

– 2 shots of Crown Royal Whiskey
– shots of Seagram’s 7
– Splash of coca cola
– Crushed ice cubes as required


  • 1

    Take a cocktail glass or any other ordinary glass.

  • 2

    Add crushed ice cubes in the glass and then pour two shots of Crown Royal Whiskey and 2 shots of Seagram’s 7 in it.

  • 3

    Now pour enough amount of coca cola to make the drink a bit darker in texture, or according to your requirements.

  • 4

    Mix the ingredients well by making use of a stirrer. It is all done. Your Black Tooth Grin Cocktail is ready to serve.

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