How to Make a Cleansing Facial Fizz

The market is filled with facial care products, including face wash and soaps. You can also make your own facial fizz at home. Simple home recipes are very effective to take care of your face skin, and work efficiently for cleansing it. If you do not how to use and blend products, you can search online and get all the required information. Generally, people use different home products in facial care, however, turning them into a completely new product by mixing one, two or more than three products at the same time requires a bit of knowledge about how these products work.

Things Required

Baking Soda (three spoons)
– Plain Crushed Aspirins (5 tablets)
– Lemon juice (from a half lemon)
– Cider Vinegar (two table spoons)


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    Blending or Mixing of Products

    First of all you need to blend or mix these products in a bowl. Stir them with a spoon or small stick until they are mixed together completely and turn into a paste. The paste should be thick enough so that when you apply it on the face it does not run down off the face around the neck area or chin side. Also, if the paste is thick you will find it easier to massage it on your face. The mixture of these products will produce enough quantity of the paste that can easily cover your entire face, from chin to forehead.

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    Application of Paste

    When you blend or mix these products, it will take form of a scrub. You can apply it on your face with your index finger. After application of the scrub you can massage it on your face slowly and softly. It is better to start from lower side of the face and massage upwards and make sure it covers your entire face, especially areas around nose and under the brows. Take special care while applying and does not let it run into your eyes. If the paste is thicker enough it cannot run down your face into eyes or around the neck. You may add a bit more baking soda if you think the paste is thinner, and check before application if it has become thicker.

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    Rinse Your Face

    When you feel that the scrub has absorbed into your skin after you have massaged it, rinse your face with water. It is better if you use warm water. This will wash any oily stuff off your skin. Now you can feel your skin, cleansed, soft and touchable. It is one of the most effective home products to cleanse your face.

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