How to Make a Colombia Cocktail

Ever heard of a cocktail flag? Here is a drink true to its origins. Colombia Cocktail, apart from being an astounding drink, breathtakingly shows the colors of the Colombian national flag. When you mix the ingredients, the three colors, red blue and color appear as stacks inside the glass. This cocktail takes help of temperature and density differences between the ingredients to manifest the colors. Compared to other cocktails, it is a bit harder to prepare if you want the exact colors but of course is much more delightful, both to sight and taste. Our step by step guide will serve as the perfect companion in your kitchen and bar if you up for this challenge of preparing Colombia cocktail with all its colors properly manifested.

Preparation time: Allot it up to ten minutes
Utensils needed:
Mixer, Cocktail glass
Serving size
: Keep the proportion and increase the ingredients for desired number of servings


2 parts vodka
– 1 part curacao (for the blue color)
– 1 part grenadine
– 1 part lemon juice
– 6 part orange juice – Crushed ice


  • 1

    At first, shake the vodka, orange juice and lemon juice together. Add crushed ice if you want it chilled.

  • 2

    Pour the mixture into a cocktail glass.

  • 3

    Now carefully, pour the grenadine from one side of the glass and after that, pour the curacao from the other side. The vodka mix should be between these two. You will see the three colors appearing in the glass.

  • 4

    You do not need any garnishing for this drink because the colors themselves are so vibrant and refreshing.

  • 5

    Rush the drinks to the guests while the colors last. You do not want all your efforts going down the drain.

  • 6

    Next time you hear a compliment about being a creative host, remember our Colombia cocktail recipe did it!

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