How to Make a Drop Box Account

Since the advent of the internet, communication has become super fast and super easy. You no longer have to wait for weeks before you get a letter from loved ones living in another part of the world. Not only can you message in a hurry but also share your pictures and videos.

Drop box is a service that allows you to do file sharing, be it a document, video or pictures with those you want to share them with. It also saves these documents so you do not have to worry. Making an account is relatively simple.


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    Read Terms and Conditions

    This is a very important document that most of us do not read and agree to. It is important that you are aware of what the terms and conditions are and decide whether they work for you or not. This can save you from a lot of hassle in future as we have recently seen that there have been issues with many social networking websites because of strange terms being used and people are unaware. If you are comfortable with the terms on offer, proceed with making the account.

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    Enter Your Name

    Once you go to the website, you will click sign up. It will give you a bunch of boxes to fill. You will be required to fill in your first and last name. Use your original name. In case you go by a different in general with friends and co-workers for any reason, you can use that as well. However, using your own name is always advisable.

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    Email Address

    The next box to fill in is your email address. Give an email address that you regularly use so that you are aware of any updates from your friends or from Drop box itself. If the email address is not functional, you will be unable to make an account as the validity of the email address is often checked by these websites through different checks and balances.

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    Make sure that you have a strong password. This is crucial as a simple password can be broken with ease and you may lose your account to a hacker. You can utilise alphanumeric password which is quite difficult to break. It is important that the password is one that you can remember as it will be useless if you cannot recall it. Agree to the terms and your account is all set to go.

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