How to Make a Flaming Doctor Pepper Cocktail

The Flaming Doctor Pepper Cocktail got its name from Dr Pepper cocktail as it tastes like Dr Pepper soft drinks but it is not consumed as one of the ingredients of the cocktail.  The drink itself is made by layering 3 parts of Amaretto and one part of any high proof liquor e.g. Bacardi 151. Then the shot glass is set on fire and then mixed with half-filled beer glass. Once the flames are extinguished by beer then the cocktail should be drunk as quickly as possible. There is another technique to make this drink which is reverse of the first one. In this method a shot glass filled with liquor is placed in a larger glass and then it is beer is poured in the glass, after that the liquor is set on fire.

It’s a perfect treat for a weekend party with friends where you want to have some real fun. Follow the quick steps to make it at home and impress your friends!

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Serving Size: 1 serving
Utensils: A tall glass, a shot glass


– 3/4 shot of amaretto
– Quarter shot of 151 proof rum or Bacardi 151
– Beer


  • 1

    Fill shot glass with amaretto

    Take a shot glass and fill it to ¾ with amaretto.

  • 2

    Create layer of Bacardi or rum

    Now take quarter shot of rum or Bacardi as mentioned in the ingredients and pour it into the shot glass to fill it in such a way that it floats over amaretto.

  • 3

    Fill a pint of beer

    Now take a pint glass and fill it with beer and then ignite the ingredients present in shot glass.

  • 4

    Set the liquor on fire and then drop into beer pint

    Quickly blow off the flame by dropping the shot glass into the beer pint. Your Flaming Doctor Pepper Cocktail is ready to drink. Drink quickly after the flame is blown off.

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