How to Improvise Beer Pong Supplies

Beer Pong is one of the most popular college games and it is usually played by students who are looking for fun and enjoyment. It can be called a drinking game as you need to throw ping pong balls in cups that are set up on a flat surface. For every ball that lands in a cup, the opposing team has to drink beer from it.

There are many way through which you can improvise in this game. Some of the easiest ways of doing so have been discussed in this article.

Things Required:

– Aluminium Foil
– Toilet paper
– Tape


  • 1

    Fold toilet paper in round shape

    If you do not have the supplies, you can still play Beer Pong. You can improvise by making balls from toilet paper and aluminium foil instead.

    First of all, fold three sheets of toilet paper and give them a shape of a ball.

  • 2

    Encase aluminium foil layers over the toilet papers

    Once you have folded three toilet papers into the shape of a ball, take about two or three layers of aluminium foil and encase the ball of  toilet paper with it. The foil will work as a shield for the ball and will also give good grip. Make sure you do not use more than three layers of foil as that would increase the weight.

    One ball can be used for about 10 times. The size of the layers of aluminium foils should match that of the toilet papers.

  • 3

    Flat surface for the game

    You need to have flat surface which is approximately three feet off the ground level so that cups with beer can be placed on it. The table used in ping pong would be a good option.

    You can also use plywood or cardboard on chairs or garbage bins to make the flat surface for the Beer Pong.

  • 4

    Laying out the cups for the game

    You can get disposable cups cheaply from any store, but if that is not possible, you can also use coffee mugs.

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