How to Make a Tamagozake Cocktail

Tamagozake is a Japanese cocktail made up of sake, sugar and raw egg. The word Tamagozke translates into ‘ egg sake’. Outside Japan, it is known as sake-nog because of its resemblance to egg-nog. In japan, this cocktail is used as an effective cure for common cold because the sake ensures good sleep while the egg strengthens the immune system against flu germs.

Although it has alcoholic content, it is even given to children when they catch cold. Not only is it a popular home made medicine, it is an unconventional but flavorsome drink, made with ingredients readily available in the house. If you are wondering how on earth to conjure a cocktail out of raw egg, go through this step by step guide and you will not have to run to the doc next time you start sneezing.

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Serving size: o1
Utensils needed: Cocktail Stirrer, Mug, Microwave


– One raw egg yolk
– 3/4 cup sake
– Honey or sugar for taste


  • 1

    Take 3/4 cup of sake. Heat it in a microwave for around three minutes. It should be hot enough to half cook the egg.

  • 2

    Peel an egg in a bowl. Separate the yolk. Whisk the yolk and pour it into the hot sake.

  • 3

    Add a table spoon of honey for the taste. If honey is not available, sugar will also do the job perfectly.

  • 4

    An alternative method is to pour the yolk into the sake and heat them together while whisking once in a while.

  • 5

    Drink is ready to be consumed!

  • 6

    Next time some one in the house has cold, do not just jump to the sour syrups in the medicine cabinet which your kids hate. Make them a Tamagozake which will not only improve their cold in a tasty way but will also put them to comfortable sleep.

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