How to Make a Fork Bracelet

Youngsters come up with unique trends and fashions as one of the latest is fork bracelets. These fork bracelets are extremely funky and can be made easily at home with the help of a fork and by using pliers. You can give the bracelet a unique touch by twisting and turning the teeth into whatever design you desire. The bracelet will need regular jewellery polishing as it loses its shine and also tends to get scratches if you wear it on a frequent basis.

Things required:

– Fork
– Round glass
– Pliers
– Jewellery Polish


  • 1

    Bend the fork using the glass

    First of all, hold the glass in your less-dominant hand. You must hold the glass tight because if it slips, it might harm you. Make sure the glass is of a good quality and it does not break in your hand. Place the base of the fork in the same hand with which you are holding the glass and grip it well. Lift the pliers in your dominant hand and bend the fork around the glass. This will give it a nice curved shape.

  • 2

    Use pliers to bend the teeth

    The next thing you need to do is to bend the teeth of the fork with the help of pliers. Bend the teeth to the inner side so that the fork forms a perfect circle now.

  • 3

    Bend the fork sides as you like

    Now you can bend the sides of the fork anyway you prefer. However, this can make the bracelet dangerous for anyone close and you will have to be extremely careful when you lift your hand.

  • 4

    Twist and turn the teeth of the fork

    The best way to give the bracelet a unique look is to work on the teeth. You can twist and turn the teeth in the way you want to get a funky and fashionable look.

  • 5

    Put the bracelet on

    Lastly, put the bracelet on and check whether it fits perfectly. If it does not fit properly, you can use pliers to bend it further.

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