How to Make a Homemade Ice Pack with Rubbing Alcohol

Ice packs are an immediate treatment for injuries. Therefore, it is important to have such packs at home in order to handle any emergency. An ice pack can also come in handy for a person with toothache.

These packs are easily available in the market, but at high rates. If your budget doesn’t allow buying such packs, you can prepare them at home. For this, you need a little rubbing alcohol. You should be interested in making gel-type packs, as they are easier to mould.

Things Required:

– 1 cup rubbing alcohol
– 2 cups water
– Plastic zipper bag


  • 1

    Take a freezer size plastic bag, add water and rubbing alcohol. There is no need to shake the bag, because both liquids will automatically mix together.

    Avoid pouring more liquid than its capacity. Otherwise, the gel will be having no room to move and you will eventually find it hard in moulding the pack accordingly. This becomes a big issue when you have an elbow or knee injury to handle.

  • 2

    After adding both liquids, close the freezer bag. You need to ensure one thing at this stage though. The bag should be airtight so that the gel doesn’t start coming out after melting.

  • 3

    After finishing with the packing, place the bag in a freezer. You need to treat it just like a steel bowl that you use to make ice.

    In case you want to make it quick, place the pack right in front of the cooling fan. Nevertheless, it will take 50-60 minutes to solidify.

  • 4

    Your Ice pack is ready now. Take it out and use according to your need. Quickly put it back in the freezer after using, so that it can gel again.

    When using the ice pack, you need to keep a few things in mind. If the pack is too hard, don’t try to mould it by force. Otherwise, it will crack.

    In case you are required to use it on elbow, just wait for a few minutes. The gel will turn soft itself after a little while. For extra protection, you can use a couple of bags. Put your homemade ice pack into another one before placing it in the freezer.

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