Netherland Cocktail Recipe

Netherlands Cocktail is a famous beverage which has a deep connection with Netherlands due to the selection of ingredient. A Curacao shot is an alcoholic beverage which is produced from the citrus tree Laraha grown in the Curacao island of Netherland. There are only three ingredients used in this drink and Curacao is the main among rest of the two. The flavor of Laraha is much bitterer than any other bitters, due to which the Curacao’s flavor is also bitter. Besides Curacao, brandy and orange bitters are also a part of the ingredient card. Brandy will help the drink to give a flavor of fermented fruits, because it is basically a distillation of fermented fruits and water. The rest of the magic in this Netherland cocktail will be created by the orange bitters. This flavoring agent which is made up of peel of oranges, burnt sugar along with the base of alcohol, is used in many drinks to enhance the actual flavor of cocktail. The ratio of Netherland Cocktail’s ingredients mentioned below can also be doubled according to your requirement.

Serving Size: 2 Servings
Preparation Time: 4 Minutes

2 shots of Brandy
1 shot of Curacao
1 dash of Orange Bitters


  • 1

    This cocktail recipe requires a cocktail shaker, but by any chance if it is not available then you can also use an electric blender.

  • 2

    One by one starting from the very first ingredient,Brandy, Curacao and a dash of Orange Bitters, add into the cocktail shaker or an electrical blender.

  • 3

    In the end add some crushed ice.

  • 4

    Shake the ingredients until you are sure that the ingredients are well combined.

  • 5

    Now take two beautiful cocktail glasses and place a strainer on it. Pour the prepared drink into each glass and serve it to your guests.

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