How To Make a Lace-Front Wig

Wigs are effectively used to cover up your baldness or even to make hairstyles of your choice. However, purchasing quality lace-front wigs can be really expensive and its maintenance is also a costly job. Professional hair stylists charge a lot of money to maintain lace-front wigs, as it requires considerable time to do so. If you learn to make your own lace-front wigs and maintain them properly, you can even start a successful business of manufacturing wigs for others and can earn a handsome amount of money!


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    For making any wig, you first have to determine the hairstyle. You should select a hairstyle according to the shape of your head and face, so that your wig might not look awkward or too ‘artificial’. Choosing an appropriate hairstyle is also vital because it will decide the position of your hair strands when you have to ventilate the lace.

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    You have to make a tracing of your hairline, whether you are making a wig for your entire head or just for a certain portion. Put the lace foundation on your head and make a trace of your hairline.

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    You need a ‘head block’ for the next steps of the wig making. Place the traced lace on the head block and fasten it firmly with a rubber band. Thumb pins can also be used to fix the lace on the head block properly but they should be place along the edges of the lace foundation.

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    Now comes the actual process of ventilating your wig. Pass the ventilating needle through one of the holes and put a couple of doubled-up hair strands on the needle. Pull a loop of hair through the lace hole and then pull the rest of the hair through the loop, tightening the knot firmly in the end. You should start the ventilating process from the back side of wig and keep moving towards the front.

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    Keep repeating the ventilating process according to the hairstyle you have chosen and fill up the holes of the foundation lace within the outlines you have marked earlier.

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    Apply the Easy Tab Compound on the front hair of your prepared wig and remove it from the head block. Keep brushing the compound along the underside of the edges and let then let it dry.

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    Cut the outlined lace fabric with scissors according to the hairstyle you have selected.

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