How to Make a Mountain Dew Slushy

There are many drinks you can easily prepare at home. The Mountain Dew Slushy is one of them. This drink is usually offered at many cafes and is great in taste. You can prepare the same drink in minutes at your house with the help of a blender, ice and off course, Mountain Dew. Just blend some ice cubes with the drink in a blender for some time and pour the mixture in cups to enjoy the taste of this delicacy.

Things Required:

– Mountain Dew
– Ice crusher
– Disposable cups
– Straws
– Ice Cubes
– Blender


  • 1

    Gather all the items

    First of all, make sure you gather all the items together so that there is no inconvenience afterwards. Plug-in the blender and bring lots of ice cube trays before you start the process. The slushy Mountain Dew should be poured into disposable cups and served immediately so that the ice does not melt.

  • 2

    Add ice cubes to the blender

    You need to add ice cubes into the blender first. Keep adding ice cubes into the blender until it is half full. In case you have less cubes than the number required, you can always use the ice crusher to get the desired number of ice pieces.

  • 3

    Pour Mountain Dew in the blender

    Once you have added the ice cubes into the blender, pour the Mountain Dew in it. Take one 300ml bottle and pour it over the ice cubes. You can use more than one bottle if the blender is not 75% full. After adding the drink, close the lid of the blender.

  • 4

    Blend the ingredients

    Blend the mixture of Mountain Dew and ice for a good 10-15 seconds first. Check the consistency of the mixture, if it is to thin add more ice and add more Mountain Dew if you feel that there is excess ice. When the mixture reaches your desired consistency, switch off the blender.

  • 5

    Pour the slushy drink in disposable cups

    Pour the mixture in disposable cups and serve immediately. If you keep the slushy drink for too long, its taste may change quickly.

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