How to Make a Old Etonian Cocktail

Several Londoners must be familiar with the name Old Etonian Cocktail because this drink gained a lot of popularity in the capital of Great Britain way back in 1925. The site which had mastered this cocktail during 1925 era was known as The Garden Hotel, which is one of the finest establishments in the British capital to enjoy Old Etonian Cocktail. This drink is basically a gin cocktail and its name was taken from the Eton College and the alumni of that institution, which is also referred as Old Etonians. The students and staff members of Eton College often used to drink this cocktail whenever celebrating something, as they considered it their very own beverage.

The preparation method of Old Etonian Cocktail is a little debatable between mixologists, as some believe that according to the original recipe, you have to stir it whereas others think that shaking is the best method. However, the best option in this regard is that one should choose their own method as per their own liking and disliking.

The recipe of Old Etonian Cocktail is pretty straight forward and one can easily make it at home if they have all the ingredients and utensils mentioned in this guide to prepare the cocktail.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Serving Size: 01
Utensils: Cocktail Shaker & Cocktail Glass
– 45 ml of gin
– 45 ml of lillet blanc
– 2 dashes of crème de noyaux
– 2 dashes of orange bitters


  • 1

    Take all the ingredients mentioned above and put them into a cocktail shaker then add some ice in it for good measure.

  • 2

    Shake it well until all the ingredients are mixed together evenly. Open the cocktail shaker to make sure that you have done a good job.

  • 3

    Afterwards grab a cocktail glass and then strain this drink into it.

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