How to Make a Presentation Stand Out

Presentations have become a part of our life, whether we go to school/university or office we need to work with presentations. The better your presentations the more you achieve in your life. In school you get good grades and at work place you get promotions. For creating standout presentations you need to learn more about different items provided within a single application PowerPoint.


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    First of all, the entire presentation depends on you. You have to be confident, and must have complete knowledge of what you are going to deliver in front of a big audience. People want you and your presentation to be interesting, the one that can keep them awake until the end. Do not hesitate while explaining things or answering the questions asked by the audience.

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    Smile with poise to make others feel relaxed and comfortable. Use humour in your presentation, as it is one of the important things that are noticed and remembered by the people for a long time. Play some quick games like asking some trick questions from the audience to engage them with you. This will help you in leaving an impact on them.

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    Inquire the audience in the beginning about the things you are going to cover in this presentation. Use pictures in it which clearly say a lot about your presentation topic. Too much text creates boredom in presentation so keep it simple, if you have plenty of things to explain then deliver it through you voice.

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    Add small video clips or just background music along with narration which says about a part of your presentation. After making your presentation on PowerPoint, check it twice or thrice, so you can point out your own mistakes and rectify them.

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    Before going for presentation, practise as much as you can because practice is the only thing that can make you perfect. Pen down the important things you have to do during the presentation, starting with introduction, explanation with illustrations and surveys, and at the end questions-and-answers session.

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