How to Make a Sunshine Breakfast Salad

Making your children eat fruits and dairy products would certainly be challenging for you. The parents want their kids to grow up quickly; therefore they force them to eat more and more. But unfortunately, they forget that without adding an element of fun, it is almost impossible to push the younger ones to eat.

A sunshine breakfast salad is a wonderful food to delight the kids. By engaging their creative imagination, one can easily urge them to have healthy food at the start of the day. Eating good stuff in the morning is very important, especially for the kids.

It is perhaps not a good idea to restrict the sunshine breakfast salad only to the children. The mature ones also like to have a bit of fun when it comes to eating. The sunshine breakfast salad is the one that can make everyone smile. This salad can make even a rainy day full of sunshine.

Preparation Time: 15-20 minutes
Serving Size: 02
Utensils: Bowl, knife, toothpicks, kitchen papers, one dessert plate


–  One can of peaches half per person
– 1/3 cup cottage cheese per person or 1/2 cup of lemon or vanilla yogurt
– Can of pineapple chunks
– Six maraschino cherries per person
– 10 plump raisins per person


  • 1

    Start with the peach, placing the hollow side up right in the middle of the plate. This will look like the golden ball of the sun.

  • 2

    Now take 1/3 cup of cottage cheese, and fill half of the peach. A lot of kids prefer small curd cottage cheese, so always make your choice accordingly. You will definitely get an idea from the reaction of the eaters.

    Lemon or vanilla yogurt can also be used. The main objective is to add the fun element to fascinate the kids.

  • 3

    After getting the golden ball of the sun, makea face on it. Use raisins to make eyes, and maraschino cherry for nose. To make a big smile on the sun’s face, use more raisins.

  • 4

    To build rays, take help from toothpicks. Skewer three pineapple chunks on each toothpick, and one maraschino cherry on one end. Place the whole structure very carefully, as it should look like a sun emitting rays.

  • 5

    The shining salad is ready now. Call your kids, and let them discover what you have prepared. This will surely become one of their favourite recipes very soon.

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