How to Make a Torn Paper Collage Portrait

Making a torn paper collage portrait is not that difficult but if you do not have expertise in this art, you will be facing lots of difficulties to complete this fun project. You also need to understand that torn paper collage portraits are becoming very popular and more people tend to buy these types of different and unique portraits. Many aspiring artists, children, creative people and simple sketch makers also sometimes create some unique type of art from waste paper material which is also considered to be an art form as well.


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    Torn Paper Collage Portrait

    Before you actually create a torn paper collage portrait, you need to understand why it is so popular and why it is a fun project for both friends and family members. As some experienced artists say that it is quite cheap form of art as it has huge popularity as well. Many children nowadays even try this art and show their skills as well. Professional artists also say that it is a unique form of art and people should try to create some themselves. As it is not difficult, you can even create by your own without knowing all the technicalities of any particular art form.

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    Spread paper over a table

    This also depends upon you that what type of paper you want to use to create a collage portrait. For instance, take a newspaper and spread it over the table and splatter some glue to protect the surface. Remember to take your time while you spread the paper over the table. You do not want to rush this project as the final product will suffer. Get a little practice and you will be able to easily spread the paper without any difficulties.

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    Colourful pictures

    Now you need to search for different types of colourful picture from all types of sources. You can look into newspapers or magazines. It will also help you choosing a right theme for you. Choose a good and colourful theme that will match your portrait and the object you are planning to paint. Once you decide on the theme you can start to prepare the materials that suit that particular style of portrait.

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    Spreading more glue with care

    Now spread more glue with care on the each of the piece of magazine or paper. You can spread glue with the help of stick or white paintbrush. Try to avoid getting the glue on the table or on your clothes.

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    Allow to dry the paper

    Do not touch if the paper is still wet. You need to understand wet paper will ruin all your important work of art. Let it sit and dry for a few minutes.

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    Adding different colours on magazine images

    Adding different colours on magazine images will complete your portrait. Now take the wet portrait and wait until it dries. Try not to move it around too much as you want the glue to stick with the paper properly.

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