How to Make a Torrent File

BitTorrent clients such as uTorrent, BitComet and Azureus use torrent files in order to help people share data. This may include movies, music or even software, depending upon the need of the user. The official BitTorrent website sums up the basic need of using their clients. It states that BitTorrent helps the users distribute different files among themselves by utilizing a portion of the total file from a single user.

The .torrent files allow you to share data among different people and with the help of these files you can share your information with other users who also have BitTorrent clients.


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    First, open up a BitTorrent client of your choice. From the list of several different BitTorrent clients you have available, open one, and make sure that your computer contains the files you want to share.

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    After you are done opening the client, click on file and then choose “create a new torrent” in order to start the procedure of creating a new .torrent file.

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    In order to search for the file and add it to the client, you’ll have to press “add a file”. In case you want to share more than one file, you will have to press “add a directory”.

    You need to know the difference between these two, because you will not be able to select more than one file if you select “add a file”, and you will not be able to select a single file if you press “add a directory”.

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    Once you have chosen the type of file, or directory you want to share, it will give you an option to scroll through your computer so that you can click on the file in order to add it to .torrent type.

    Once you find the file you are looking for, simply double click on it.

  • 5

    Now add the URL of the torrent tracker to your .torrent file. You need to find the torrent tracker’s URL, which can be done by reviewing the requirements of the website on which you will be uploading the saved .torrent file.

  • 6

    Type a comment for your .torrent file.

    Simply type the different contents of the file you have uploaded and give the other users few instructions which you think they might need.

  • 7

    Choose between private and public trackers. The private tracker will only make your file visible to certain amount of people while the public tracker, as the name suggests, will be for users all across the globe.

  • 8

    In order to complete the process, simply click “save as” and save your .torrent file with a suitable name.

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