How to Use Mcafee Network Access Control

These days, almost all companies use networks, both local area and wide area during in the operations. If you are an IT administrator, one of your jobs will be to keep the company network up and running. You will be required to troubleshoot problems that arise from time to time.

McAfee Network Access Control is a device being widely used these days by most companies to make sure their network stays safe from cyber attacks and to prevent major network problems that may be cause from infected or noncompliant systems.


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    More than one models of Network Access Control are available. Go to official McAfee website and thoroughly read the features offered in each model. Choose the one that fits your need and purchase it from a local dealer.

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    Before you install McAfee Network Access Control, determine if your network meets the necessary prerequisites or not. Minimum system requirements for smooth running of McAfee Network Access Control include 500 MB of free disk space, 512 MB RAM, Intel Pentium compatible processor, SQL server 2005, a DVD ROM and McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator.

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    After going through the instructions manual that came along with the product, install McAfee Network Access Control on the network. To enforce security policies, you will have to use the McAfee Network Access Control in combination with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator, one of the most advanced network security management software. Install ePolicy Orchestrator on a computer which must be on the network for which you are using the Network Access Control device.

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    Use a central location, for instance the same computer on which you installed the ePO to monitor the network. You can configure the Network Access Control to disallow if any external device such as an Ipod, faxes, printers or copiers from becoming a part of the network. Using the ePO console, you can enforce a number of network policies. You can define which users are allowed network access and to which security level each user can go. You can set up automated fixes for common issues to cut down on IT calls.

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