How to Make a Travel Album

It is a lot of fun taking snaps while travelling. By this you will not only portray your photographing skills but will also capture all the fun moments you had while travelling. By this you can relive all the experiences you had at that place again. Furthermore, you can share all your moments with your friends and family and maximize your fun experience. Whether you went to see the Great Wall of China or some special town near your city, travelling album will retain all your experience and moments forever.


  • 1

    Carry little with you

    You should not be easily seen. For this you need to carry little with you. Avoid carrying a large camera cover. You can place the camera over the shoulder and under your jacket.

  • 2

    Capture what you desire

    You need to take snaps of everything of your interest. In case you are amazed by street vendors in comparison with fascinating Taj Mahal, you should capture street vendors. This is because you can get picture or a post card of Taj Mahal from anywhere but not of street vendors. You can always ask local for their pictures, they will incorporate with you.

  • 3

    Capture people’s actions

    You should take pictures of people doing something and not just staring at your camera. You can take pictures of people selling fish or any stuff, having dinner or doing whatever they are doing. Do not let them make pose for you.

  • 4

    Zoom in

    In case you are not getting your desired result, you can always take close up of your subject. Use the zoom feature of your camera to get a close up picture of the person. By this you can get rid of anything from the background which you do not like.

  • 5

    Scenery pictures

    You should always take pictures of beautiful scenery which you encounter while travelling. By this you will recall the scenic beauty of the area you visited.

  • 6

    Pictures of the loved ones you are travelling with

    It is strongly advisable that you take pictures of your family or friends who are travelling with you. Let them stand in front of a beautiful scenery like mountain ranges, oceans or even a restaurant or a museum. By this you will make memories with the person you went with.

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