How to Make a Yo-Yo Quilt

The fact that yo-yo quilts do not have a layer of batting and a fabric backing makes them quite unconventional. Making yo-yo quilts at home can be easy if the task is approached in the right manner. Fortunately, the things you will need would already be present at home which means you will not have to go through the trouble of making visits to a supply store.

Things Required:

– Fabric
– Compass with pencil
– Piece of cardboard, 6 inches square or larger
– Fabric marking pen or pencil
– Scissors
– Hand-sewing needle
– Thread


  • 1

    Adjust the span of your compass until the compass’s radius is exactly 2.5 inches. Using this compass, draw a circle of 5 inches diameter on a piece of cardboard. Make sure that the cardboard piece you use is a 6 inches square or larger.

  • 2

    Use a pair of scissors cut out the circle you drew on the cardboard. This will serve as the template of your yo-yo quilt. Try to be as neat as possible while cutting out the circle.

  • 3

    Place a piece of fabric on a flat surface and smooth it out. Make sure that the printed or ‘right’ side of the fabric is in contact with the flat surface which means that unprinted or ‘wrong’ side of the fabric would be facing you.

  • 4

    Using a fabric marker or pen, carefully trace as many cardboard circle shapes onto the fabric as possible. Make sure that the circles are at least 1/2-inch apart from each other. Carefully cut the fabric circles out with a pair of scissors.

  • 5

    Feed a piece of thread through a needle. Make sure that the length of thread on each side of the needle is equal. This is the thread you will use to sew yo-yos to each other.

  • 6

    Fold in 1/4-inch of the fabric edge along the entire perimeter of the circle. Seam up the fabric circle’s perimeter with a running stitch.

  • 7

    Gather the circle’s edge by gently pulling the needle. Knot and then snip the thread. The first yo-yo is now complete.

  • 8

    Make as many yo-yos as you will need for making the yo-yo quilt. Whipstitch together the sides to form rows as well as attach the yo-yos.

  • 9

    Complete the yo-yo quilt by connecting rows to each other with whipstitches.

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