How to Make an Alabama Slammer Shooter Recipe

A shooter is an extremely popular and common drinking trend where two or more alcoholic beverages are mixed together and consumed quickly.

These 25-100 mL drinks are made to inebriate while having pleasing tastes. Many are given vulgar or humorous names to add shock value and improve one’s chances of remembering them, while others have names based on their ingredients. Well, whatever the name a cocktail gets, it might not be remember for long if it is not different in taste. In this connection, here’s an excellent cocktail recipe that many may like so much they have one after the shooter. It’s Alabama Slammer Shooter that would definitely rejoice you!

This would best serve a friend’s party, an official lunch or a family gathering. The mixture of Plymouth’s sloe gin, Amaretto, Southern Comfort and lemon will surely refresh you as well as your guests.

The following guide details how to prepare a shooter known as an Alabama Slammer. This shot is a play on the name of the sweet home state, and is extremely popular due to its taste and throttle. Give this one a shot.

Preparation Time: 2 minutes

Serving Size: 1

Utensils required: Cocktail shaker and a glass


– Plymouth’s sloe gin (1/2 oz)
– Amaretto (1 oz)
– Southern Comfort (1 oz)
– Dash of lemon juice (fresh is best)
– Ice


  • 1

    Add it Up

    Fill your cocktail shaker with a good amount of ice and add the ingredients one by one.  Squeeze or bottle a dash of lemon juice in last.

  • 2


    Give the ingredients a good shake to mix and chill.

  • 3


    Carefully pour the shooter into the glass.

  • 4


    Throw it back and stay out of trouble.

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