How To Make Artichoke Squares

Artichoke Squares are usually considered as appetizer, but if you make the pieces a bit larger, they are as good as a vegetable dish at dinner. Most of the people, however, take the squares no more than a snack or appetizer.

It is really one of the easiest recipes, and does not require much time. In less than an hour, you can prepare the squares for your family and friends. Furthermore, the Artichoke Squares can be made well ahead of the time of serving.

One does not require a fork to enjoy it. It is certainly a very healthy food. As far as the calories are concerned, a serving carries only 75. The fat is no more than six grams. One serving holds only three grams of carbohydrates, and four grams of protein. All these nutrition facts make it evident that the Artichoke Squares puts no burden on your stomach.

Prep time: 50-60 min
Bake time: 35 min
Total time: 85-95 min
Yield: 16 pieces
Utensils: Oven, spoons, knife, kitchen papers, bowls, 8-inch-square baking dish, and baking gloves.

Olive oil: 3 tablespoons
Onions, sliced thin: 8 green
Minced garlic: 1/2 teaspoon
Eggs: 4
Dried mint: 1/2 teaspoon
Dried dill: 1 teaspoon
Worcestershire sauce: 1 teaspoon
Artichoke quarters, drained and chopped: 15-ounce can
Shredded Swiss cheese: 1 cup
Gluten-free seasoned bread crumbs: 3 tablespoons


  • 1

    Before starting anything, heat your oven to 325 degrees. After setting the temperatures, oil the baking dish.

  • 2

    Take a small skillet and put in the olive oil. Once the oil is heated, sauté the onion and garlic. Make sure that the heat is not too high. Wait for the material to get soft. Let the mixture cool slightly, but not at the room temperature.

  • 3

    Take a large bowl, and whip the eggs. You need to ensure that the eggs are frothy. It is the time to stir the mint, dill and Worcestershire sauce into the eggs.

  • 4

    Now, add the artichokes, cheese, onions and garlic.

  • 5

    It is the time to get back to the baking dish, which you have oiled already. Gently smooth the mixture into the dish.

  • 6

    Sprinkle the bread pieces over the top. Make sure that the bread is fresh because it affects the taste to a great deal.

  • 7

    Put the dish in the oven and bake for at least 35 minutes. There are no hard and fast rules here. The oven may take more than 35 minutes to produce the desired outcome. Keep the dish in the oven until the bread pieces are lightly browned.

  • 8

    Turn off the oven and wait for the dish to cool down a bit. Don’t start cutting until the dish is slightly cooled.

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