Drink Recipe: Boat Drinks

As the summer weather heats up and the weekend rolls around, there are only two things that come to mind – getting near the water and enjoying a batch of boat drinks.

What is a boat drink? It’s a tasty combination of booze and fruit juices that’s both refreshing and relaxing. Invented during a long summer of canoe trips, boat trips across the bay, and tailgating, it’s a great addition to any summer gathering.

Similar in many ways to a Calypso Cooler, with one major difference – it can ONLY be made in large quantities. While every Calypso cooler recipe I’ve seen measure ingredients in ounces, this recipe measures them in bottles.

To start, you’ll need a very large pitcher or, ideally, one of those large insulated beverage coolers you can buy at most department stores for about $10. You know, the ones that look like things sports teams have on the bench, only a bit smaller. They work perfect for Boat Drinks.

Now that you have your mixing vessel, you’re ready to get started. Here are the ingredients:

1 750 ML bottle of Captain Morgan’s Spice Rum

1 750 ML bottle of Peach Schnapps

1 small bottle of grenadine

1 small bottle of lime juice (I used Rose’s)

1 gallon of Orange Juice (good stuff, like Tropicana Pure Premium)

Pour all ingredients in your cooler, and mix well with a long wooden spoon. Close up the top of cooler, and serve the drink over ice, preferably in big, cheap, summery plastic cups.

Don’t add ice straight to the cooler, as that will cause your tasty beverage to get diluted by the melting ice. By serving it over ice, you get the maximum in chill factor and the maximum potency. Serving over ice also forces you to drink it a bit slower. Not only is it important to savor the flavor of Boat Drinks, but they also pack a wallop despite their fruity taste, so drinking slowly helps assure you remain an able captain at the helm.

So, call your friends, mix up a batch of Boat Drinks, fire up the grill or take the boat for a cruiseâÂ?¦and enjoy your summer! Just remember, be responsible, so the fun doesn’t have to ever end!

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