How to Make Chainmail Armor in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most liked video games in which you place different kinds of blocks so as to make objects, worlds or structures. The game is available in beta mode and can only be played after paying some money online. It was officially released on November 11, 2011 with the name ‘Minecraft Classic’.

In order to make chainmail armor in Minecraft, you have to use many different controls of the game. The main controls include fire. However, this control is not officially available and you have to break into the game coding through hacking or modding in order to use it.

Things Required:

– 4 wooden planks
– 24 fire
– “Minecraft” beta
– Software for modding


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    First of all, you have to get the fire block for the game by using ‘/give’ command on your computer. Just open ‘Run’ option in your PC by going to the start menu and type ‘/give’. On the other hand, you can also use inventory editor option so as to get the option of fire. You must keep in mind that the block ID number for fire option is 51.

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    Then, open your inventory and use the option of four wooden planks in order to make a workbench which is commonly known as the crafting table. After that, just set the workbench on the floor. Now, right click on the option of workbench so as to open the crafting table option.

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    After setting the workbench, you have to align the fire on the grid in a way so that you can easily use all the other kinds of armor. You must keep in mind that the helmet will require 5 blocks which will include bottom right corner, bottom left corner and the middle row. Moreover, the chest-plate will require 8 blocks consisting of all the spaces apart from the top middle space. In addition, the leggings require 7 blocks. Besides, the boots will need around 4 blocks (the bottom two spaces of the right and left column).

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