Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach

The newest edition of the epic game, Dungeons and Dragons is now available and is proving to be a welcomed surprise. It is called Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach. The original Dungeons and Dragons was created over 30 years ago and was the threshold for the RPG’s (role playing games) we know today. It was a game played with 3 small books. Now it is a huge game played throughout the world online!

Stormreach is much different than traditional MMORPG’s (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). Instead of the ability to gain experience alone, you often must find a small group of people to join your party in order to do this and progress in the game. Yes, I said small. Most MMORPG’s are not like this.

Do not let this bother you! It is very easy to do this as it is also a welcomed change from traditional MMORPG’s. This is still by far the best hack and slash game around. It fits right in with the typical Dungeons and Dragons genre. You must constantly battle an unending barrage of foes from the “Monster Manual,” evade traps, and fight constant power struggles with your guild. Not to mention the fact that you must go on awe inspiring quests to become the most epic hero known in the land!

Your character is fully customizable as far as looks, feats, and skills. You can select from 5 races: human, dwarf, halflings, elves, and the new warforged race. The warforged is made up entirely of metal. You also choose from a total of 9 classes. These are: sorcerer, paladin, cleric, rogue, ranger, fighter, bard, and barbarian. Each character is unique in its own way. You must choose other online players to join you that may have different characteristics to help you accomplish your goals.

In this fantasy world you will use feats, spells, ad skills to aid you. Not only will you use physical brawn and spells to destroy your foes, but also some non combatant abilities as well. An example is the new listen and search ability. These abilities are needed in order for you to advance through some areas and to solve puzzles.

The graphics are highly detailed. The fantasy environment is made with the famous “Turbine Engine.” The sound track is also quite good and coincides with the look of the game quite well.

As for controls, there is a new “Party Chat” voice system that has been implemented. Also, for those of you that hate playing with a keyboard and mouse, Microsoft has stepped in. If you have an XBOX 360 controller, there is free software from Microsoft available online that allows you to use the controller with this game! You merely download the software, configure the buttons, and plug it in to the USB port!

Dungeons and Dragons is available on your PC. Since it is an MMORPG, there is a fee to play it along with the initial price of the game. It has an ESRB rating of T for Teen. This is because the game features blood, alcohol reference, and violence.

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